Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mon Dieu!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Virgin and Her Demon Friends

An odd fascination of mine, a strange obsession almost, is Catholic veneration art, especially of the Virgin Mary. Especially odd as I am violently not-a-catholic. I often find drawings of mine ending up with halos or the like, and sometimes just straight turning into virginesque depictions. The whole "threatened by demons" thing really interests me as I have know idea where it has come from - some deep seated and unresolved personal resolutions, I suppose.
What follows are some of these apparitions that I am personally fond of.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sir Ian's Epiphany

My second go at India Inkin'. The text is direct translation from some Polish.
I have no ideas as to other possible messages, so I'm assuming this is the proper interpretation.
Does anyone even remember Sir Ian Blair? Why is he (somewhat) here?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Alice et le Chat du Cheshire

Decided to learn to ink things with India Ink and a brush. This action-packed tale of Alice and her whacky friend is my first go at it. So far I'm diggin' the medium.

Faces of No One in Particular

I frequently find myself drawing the faces of the people around me, an exercise which almost infallibly degenerates away from actually looking like the person to become some strangely-colored and exaggerated interpretation of how I feel about what I feel they are feeling.

"A Fairly Standard Beauty" - This wonky-eyed androgen came from a pursuit to sketch a very pretty lady; until I became obsessed with exaggerating her proportions and expression.

"Green-Haired Dirty Thoughts" - A semi combined portrait of both me and my lover of the time, simply trying to capture the sillyness of thinkin' bout dirty things.

This bizarrely-colored self portrait (ish) is actually quite large in real life. I unfortunately do not actually own any clothes that look like that.

Same standard beauty, more departure from reality.

This odd and nipply monster sprung from an attempt at emulating a rather striking and melodramatic display of uncertainty by a peer of mine.

A portrait in highlighter about laughing at trashy humor.