Saturday, June 6, 2009

Faces of No One in Particular

I frequently find myself drawing the faces of the people around me, an exercise which almost infallibly degenerates away from actually looking like the person to become some strangely-colored and exaggerated interpretation of how I feel about what I feel they are feeling.

"A Fairly Standard Beauty" - This wonky-eyed androgen came from a pursuit to sketch a very pretty lady; until I became obsessed with exaggerating her proportions and expression.

"Green-Haired Dirty Thoughts" - A semi combined portrait of both me and my lover of the time, simply trying to capture the sillyness of thinkin' bout dirty things.

This bizarrely-colored self portrait (ish) is actually quite large in real life. I unfortunately do not actually own any clothes that look like that.

Same standard beauty, more departure from reality.

This odd and nipply monster sprung from an attempt at emulating a rather striking and melodramatic display of uncertainty by a peer of mine.

A portrait in highlighter about laughing at trashy humor.

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