Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Great Year for Skeleton-Related Adventures.

I'm making it a goal to post here more often. Seriously. I will. And to start off this new age of wealth and prosperity, here are two things that sprung, unplanned from nothing. Like that one sibling that's so much younger.

I started a portrait of someone, but failed to emulate their face in the slightest, so I let my pens wander and ended up with...this. Personally, I find it charmingly hideous.

Once I had great plans for outdoor adventures and awoke to find my dreams dampened by the drumming rains of a relentless and uncaring personification of weather. Or perhaps it was just raining. I don't quite remember. Either way, I sat down and started splashing around with ink and this pseudo-comic came out. The end.

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